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Authoritarians hate the truth.

The internet helps, but some of us in the USA are aware that the leanings of the current anti-democratic brand of Republicans like recent newcomers Marge T. Green, Lauren Boebert, and of course the current champion of lies topped off with bigger lies, George Santos, are in no way interested in the truth. It's the one thing that proves their brand of politics is toxic for democracy and puts them under scrutiny.

Accurate information on these fools will only be effective if there are enough reasonable people, and I'm assuming there still is some in the GOP who are open to accepting the truth. I have some doubt.

So, if they have enough room in their tiny minds and revert to actually seeing and accepting the truth it will be one of the few things that can possibly save our republic.

However, I don't advise holding your breath waiting for some mass enlightenment by any of these mistakenly self-identified "truthers"...

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