Hi Faisal,

Thanks for your description of the situation in Iraq and thanks also for putting your finger on what is happening in the U.S.. We need more thoughtful solutions as to how to address this. It concerns me a LOT. I see my highly intelligent and highly educated friends falling for distorted narratives because they're not informed in depth. And apparently some narratives have a strong emotional pull so that people even develop blinders to other points of view, or even solid evidence that contradicts that narrative. I have never seen narratives become so twisted and partisan before in this country as they are today. although he we have our divisive phases in the past. You have also put your finger on the fact that even educated people apparently don't have the time and interest to do real research into issues. Still I am encouraged by the existence of nonpartisan organizations like F.I.R.E. (Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression) and FAIR (Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism but in nondivisive ways) as well as Substack journalists like yourself.

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I grew up in communist Bulgaria and it has been both easy and very troubling to spot the way US newspapers and media have started to adopt some of the same language of bold, empty statements. The use of inflammatory and sensationalist worlds and language is typical. Language loaded with emotion and a need to prove that the regime is right and said news only affirms its noble point of view.

I only wish more US citizens have the perspective of people who have lived under close circuit regimes. Though I know many immigrants, even older than myself, who go with the narratives without questioning much which leads me to believe the problem is of a different nature.

Thank you for your writing.

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You said it all. And so well. It is a huge issue in Canada where our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been utterly colonized, like our federal government, by believers in tribalism/critical social justice theory. At the other end of the spectrum we’ve got the National Post newspaper doing its level best to polarize Canada to resemble the US. Thank you for this excellent piece.

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